A Green Space - Q&A's with Jenna Holmes (aka, Plant Mama)

Something the team are endlessly passionate about here at Mikki Auld Hairdressing, is celebrating the work of inspiring Aussie babes who are helping the planet, living courageous lives and creating positive change. Jenna Homes, aka Plant Mama, is one such beauty.

Jenna is an interior plant designer and photographer. She is passionate about getting plants inside every single home in the world. She crafts beautiful indoor jungles, hires out plants for events and special occasions, creates Pinterest worthy plant art and loves grooving to disco music. Her Instagram is one of our personal faves.

We hope you enjoy our inspiring chat with this nature loving and super soulful powerhouse ...


You seem to have the coolest job in the world! How did Plant Mama come to life and bloom (see what we did there - hehe) into the success it is?

It all started when I bought some plants for my bedroom in Melbourne and realised the impact it had on the space. I had grown up with plants all around me in my family home, so when I re-introduced them into my space, I was blown away by how much better and more relaxed I felt. I just instantly took to it, starting learning more about plants and collecting different types. There wasn’t really anyone doing indoor plant styling, so there was a gap in the market when I started.

We’d love to know more about the lady behind the business. What lights you up? What are you challenged by? What pivotal life events shaped you into the person you are today?

I am definitely my happiest when I am outside, blasting my music and tending to my plant family. I really need to be outside as much as possible as the sun makes me the happiest. My friends too! Sisterhood lights me up.

I am challenged by the everyday challenges of running a business - it’s a rewarding experience but my god, it’s a challenging one.

I have had loads of pivotal moments, but to be honest I think that the behind-the-scenes work my parents put into my brother and I is really where it’s at. They taught us the value of hard work, setting goals and going after something fearlessly if you truly believe in it. I think the risks I have taken in my life and in my business have been done purely because I know my parents have my back and will support me through it all. That is invaluable.


Why do you do what you do?

Cliche answer: because it makes me happy.

We all know we need more greenery in our lives but many of us don’t actually know why. Can you please shed some light?

There’s SO many benefits: it filters air, reduces stress, aids productivity and looks great. I personally think that humans naturally relax when they go out into nature or are around other living things so having plants in our homes that offer us these benefits is invaluable. Due to apartment living and spaces getting smaller, we aren’t as able to experience backyard living so bringing plants indoors allows us to still feel connected to Mother Nature.


What does your dream space look like?

Lightwood floors, white walls, coloured velvet couches everywhere, and plants in every nook and cranny.

Who and what inspires you?

Travel inspires me! I built a garden last week based on some ideas I had seen in Italy this year. That stuff gets me excited.

download (2).jpeg

What’s next for you and Plant Mama? What are you personal and professional dreams and goals?

I have a few exciting things are coming up that aren’t ready to be released just yet (watch this space!) My professional dream is to buy a big-ass greenhouse and get onto growing my own stock. My personal dream is to secure the little Italian oceanside home I have always dreamed of. With a million dogs of course!

Quick fire questions:

Next holiday destination - Greece.

I’m currently reading -  The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer.

I feel my best self when - I’m in the ocean.

Not many people know this but I - was surprised with meeting Oprah when she came to Australia.

Describe yourself in three words - Chirpy, fast & excitable.


Words by Che Johnson

Find out more about Plant Mama - https://www.plantmama.com.au/

Mikki Auld