MIKKI AULD EVENTS - Eunoia Soul Rituals - A Women's Circle

We are very excited to be hosting Eunoia Soul Rituals next women’s circle, which is to be held in salon on Sunday 25th of November. Join us for an enlightening and soulful afternoon as Eunoia Soul Rituals and Lilian Beth take us through a soul centring and energy clearing workshop. Here you’ll learn about the power of crystal magic, the importance of feminine power and will have the opportunity to connect with both yourself and other like-minded women.

There will be an abundant plant-based grazing platter, Eunoia energy lifting hand massages, plus a meditation and mindfulness practice. The theme for this Soul Series Women’s Circle is Cultivating Abundance, so expect to see more little surprises thrown in the mix.

This event is limited to 12 people and tickets will certainly sell out fast. Follow the link below to purchase your tickets and to secure your spot.


We look forward to sharing this special event with you.

Mikki, Lily & Eunoia. x


Mikki Auld