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Self Care Ritual: Redefining Beauty

If we were to ask you to name the women you thought were beautiful, how long would it take you to name yourself? If we were to ask you what you’d like to change about your physical appearance, how long would your list be?

Sadly, there’s a toxic epidemic taking place across the world right now - women are growing more and more critical of their physical appearance and they’re letting the way they look determine their self worth.

It’s no surprise, when what we are bombarded with on social media are images of models and celebrities who have small waists, large breasts, plumped lips, flat stomachs and golden skin.

It’s no surprise, when words like ‘ageless’ and ‘wrinkle free’ are plastered on popular cosmetic products, ‘skinny’ foods are rife in our supermarkets and advertisements to ‘Get Your Body Bikini Ready In Time For Summer’ are paraded across our billboards.

It’s no surprise, when most of what we see in the media is filtered, photoshopped and edited and we are inundated with information that tells us that we too should look this way.


“If we were to ask you to name the women you thought were beautiful, how long would it take you to name yourself?”

Did you know that in 2016, Dove released their Global Body and Confidence Report and in it, only 20% of Australian women interviewed reported feeling body confident?

Did you know that in 2017/2018, the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery reported that Australians spent $1 billion dollars on cosmetic surgeries ranging from botox and liposuction to anti-wrinkle injections and breast enhancements?

Does this seem crazy and incredibly sad to anyone else?

As a salon that advocates heavily for natural living, so too do we advocate for natural beauty.

Instead of changing your appearance, we believe in trying your hardest to fall in love with the exquisite body you were born with.

Instead of altering what you don’t like about yourself, we believe in accentuating what you love - perhaps it’s the golden tones in your hair, the shape of your face, your fabulously long legs or your feminine curves.

Instead of comparing yourself to images of women that have been altered and photoshopped to no end, we believe in reminding yourself that that is not reality and that you are perfect, just the way you are.

Instead of feeling the need to fit into the stereotype that society labels as ‘beautiful’, we believe in women celebrating their individuality and the qualities that make them unique.

We know though, that this can be easier said than done and that often, it can take many years of ‘re-wiring’ for us to shift our relationships with ourselves and our bodies.

The good news is that there’s small rituals you can implement in your everyday life that will gift you feelings of acceptance and peace and eventually, may result in you falling in love with the skin you’re in. Here’s some of the rituals we’re particularly fond of:

  • Doing a social media cull and removing all the people from your feed/s who you find yourself playing the comparison game with

  • Turning off your phone and inviting pockets of stillness into your day

  • Moving your body to help release feel-good endorphins and get out of your head and into your heart

  • Replacing your negative thoughts with kinder ones

  • Respecting the miracle that is your body and thanking it for the way it supports you each and every day

  • Nourishing your body with natural skincare products that are free from chemicals and other nasties

  • Doing things that are fun, creative and make you feel good from the inside out

  • Treating your body and mind to wholefoods that gift them the energy they need to function at their optimum

  • Looking at yourself in the mirror each morning and speaking kind words to yourself

  • Embracing a daily gratitude practice and learning to be grateful for the small things in life

  • Celebrating other people and appreciating the value they add to your life

  • Spending time in nature and disconnecting from the ‘noise’ of your daily life, and

  • Remembering that kindness, compassion and living life from the heart is more beautiful than any physical trait ever could be.

What’s most beautiful is a woman who is wholeheartedly herself, knows her value and walks around with her head held high. She speaks kindly, to herself and to others, and is dedicated to spreading good vibes wherever she goes. She forgives herself when she makes mistakes and is kind to herself when she feels vulnerable.

That is beauty.