Move - With Libby Hucker

Yoga dates back thousands of years, however, it wasn't until centuries later that we discovered it here in the west. Practicing yoga can offer myriad health benefits and as life becomes more stressful and time flies by a whole lot faster, there's a tonne of reasons why we should be hopping on the mat. Yoga not only allows you to tune into your body and mind but can assist with pain and inflammation, improve muscle tone and can reduce anxiety, stress and depression. We caught up with our favourite little yogi, Libby Hucker to pick her brain about the importance of yoga and for some tricks and tips when it comes to practicing and adding it to our daily routine. 

How and why did you start yoga?

I started yoga because of my sister, she started going to this hot yoga studio and thought I’d enjoy it. Great thing about sisters is they know you really, really well.


Do you have a particular style that you prefer to teach and practice?

I prefer to teach faster paced more advanced classes and love to practise all types. I am really getting into yin yoga, its completely different to a ‘normal’ vinyasa class. You hold each pose for about 5 minutes and its usually always done laying on the floor with pillows, candles and soft music.


How has yoga impacted your life? Do you think it’s helped you when having to overcome difficult obstacles?

I get pretty bad anxiety and yoga has definitely helped me. It has taught me so many coping mechanisms from meditation to breathing techniques to the actual physical practise. My favourite breathing technique is called Nadi shodhana or alternate nostril breathing, if you’ve never done this before YouTube how to and it will seriously help you calm down and even sleep!


Why is yoga so important to practice?

I like to refer to yoga as a combination practise which sets it apart from other forms of exercise. In a usual yoga class, you will get a physical work out, pranayama (breathing techniques) and get at least 5 minutes of meditation at the end (otherwise known as shavasana). Therefore, when you leave a yoga class you feel amazing, you have a clear head and stretched body. It’s also a low impact practise meaning you can do yoga for your whole life, it’s pretty rare to get an injury in yoga. Injuries still happen though so make sure you look after yourself and a bit of advice, if a yoga teacher is trying to get you into a certain pose and you really don’t want to, don’t!! listen to your body and always remember it’s your own practise.


Dream holiday destination?

The Cook Islands. I only discovered the Cook Islands last year while looking for a honeymoon location, unfortunately we didn’t get to make the trip over. My absolute favourite holiday destination that I have been too though is Positano, Italy. It has everything, yoga, hikes, the best food (Italy obviously) and beautiful beaches.


What is some advice you could give to those wanting to start yoga but are finding it daunting?

My best advice is to find a yoga teacher that you like and a good studio. Most yoga teachers teach at studios all over town so if you like them but not the studio go and have a chat with them after the class. Talk to your teacher! That’s what they are there for. I usually stick around after my class and chat with everyone. Try not to be intimidated when you go to your first class too because I can guarantee that the other people in the class are only worrying about themselves and half the time the class is moving quickly you won’t get a chance to look around and check anyone else out.


What are your goals/aspirations for 2018?

I actually wrote these down the other day in my brand-new journal. I’ve just moved overseas to Cyprus so my first goal is to find work here and more immediately get comfortable being outside of my comfort zone in this very different country. Other goals are to use less plastic, lead a minimalist life and work on my YouTube channel.


Favourite places to eat, drink and socialise in Brisbane?

I have a few favourite places to eat, Hunter and Scout, Neighbourhood coffee roasters and West End Coffee House. My favourite place to socialise and drink and eat as well is Remy’s in Paddington. No bar will ever beat Remy’s in my opinion. I miss it everyday!

Mikki Auld