Tutorial: Relaxed Waves

Finger burns, unwanted kinks, awkward ringlets... Have you been trying to create the perfect wave but are having a few issues figuring it out? Our girls, Jordana and Annie have put together a little tutorial to help you achieve the perfect, relaxed wave. 

What you'll need:

1-2 inch curling tong

sea salt spray/texture spray

wide tooth comb or brush


sectioning clips



"Start with clean, brushed hair. Spray Mr. Smith Sea Salt or Texture Spray through mid-lengths and ends."

1. Section your hair to your part, all the way down to the nape of your neck and clip to separate. 

2. Start curling from the front (the face framing sections) Wrap the hair around the tong facing away from your face. Hold the tong vertically, this will allow your curl to fall in the right direction. Sections should be about 1-2 inches but you can take smaller sections if you'd like to achieve tighter curls. 



"For more relaxed waves, use a larger tong. Our favourites brands to use are Muk and BaByliss."


3. Repeat the same technique on the other side but remember to wrap the hair away from the face, as it will be a different direction this time. 

4. Once all of your hair has been curled, spray lightly with hairspray. Our favourite to use is Mr. Smith because it's super lightweight and won't go crunchy. A heavier hairspray can leave the hair feeling stiff and lifeless. After spraying, leave to set for a few moments.


"Make sure you spray your curls and leave them to set. This is the perfect time to do your make up."


"If you're wanting your waves to last longer, wait until last minute to brush them out."

5. Once your curls have cooled down and set, relax them with a wide tooth comb or brush. Starting from the bottom up, comb out hair until you reach your desired result. 

6. Finish with a light hairspray. 



"For a more relaxed result, leave the ends out when wrapping your hair around the tong."

Mikki Auld