Sustainable Practices - Reusables

Sustainable Practices - Reusables

Sustainability is important to our team, and while we strive every day to create a
sustainable salon, there are other small steps we can all take in our personal lives to
help create positive change. We’ve curated a list of thoughtfully designed and
beautifully crafted reusable essentials just for you. The sheer volume of waste we
generate can be overwhelming and it’s easy to find yourself thinking - “what
difference could one cup make?” The key is trust that you’re not alone on this mission
and that for every take-away cup you decline, there’s someone else out there doing
the same.


Coffee Cup – Australians throw away one billion take away coffee cups per year! Most cups have a plastic lining that won’t degrade making them a huge environmental hazard.

Frank Green – sleek, stylish, spill-proof. Some of their cups now have PayPass

technology that allows you to use your cup to pay. Welcome to the future!

Redraku – dreamy, pastel, ceramic travel cups made by the talented Ally Weinrauch

in Redcliffe. These are available in her online store, but sell out quickly! Check to see

if they’re sold somewhere near you.

Ll Cool Glaze – LL Cool Glaze may have an elusive Instagram presence, but his

ceramic keep cups or “Sippy Boiz” with their earthy tones and dripping glazes are

stocked in some of the freshest cafes around Brisbane. Try your luck at Scout,

Alphabet or The Menagerie.


Water bottle – Australians buy 118,000 tonnes of plastic bottles each year. Over time

a single plastic bottle can break up into over 10,000 individual pieces of microplastic -

will have devastating effects on the environment and wildlife.

Montii Co – Made on the Gold Coast these stylish bottles are extra pretty, and also

have a mouth big enough to drop in a few ice cubes or a slice of lemon (very

important). They come in an array of muted or bright colours and have a chic bamboo

lid and handle.

Sol – Tall, smooth, hand-blown glass, a silicone wrap in a pastel colour of your

choice, and a sleek bamboo lid. Tied together with a hessian carry-bag and bottle

brush, Sol water bottles are a perfect package.

Klean Kanteen – Sometimes, simple can be the best. Our pick is stainless steel or

matte black with a practical caribou attached to the lid.


Bag – Australians dump 7,150 plastic bags into landfills every minute, or 429,000

bags every hour. It’s estimated that between 50-180 million plastic bags enter the

Australian litter stream every year.

Biome: Biome has their own wonderful range of bags – all natural fibres so that they

can be composted or recycled at the end of their life. We like the woven cotton bag,

classic, sensible and 100% ready for a visit to the market.

Lodi: LOQI collaborates with artists from all across the world to design their eclectic

collection of bags. Compact, washable and stylish as hell these bags are too colourful

to be forgotten in your boot.

The Dharma Door – Crafted from jute and cotton fibres, Dharma Door bags are hand

woven by fair trade crafters in rural communities in Bangladesh. Two handles and a

roomy interior. What more could you want? When not in use, these bags are pretty

enough to put on display.

Words - Laura Morley

Mikki Auld