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Beauty Ritual - Jade Rolling

We at Mikki Auld more than understand the varying levels of energy a modern woman can be compelled to put into her daily skincare routine. Some days, it’s all you can do to smear off your make-up and flop into bed. However, for the days where you’re feeling just a little more indulgent, we have the perfect tool for you to incorporate into your routine. Enter: The Jade Roller.

A jade roller is a handheld facial massager, kind of like a paint-roller, with a smooth jade stone on each end: one big, and one small. The smaller stones are for use on delicate areas like the eyes and mouth and a larger stone for the cheeks, neck and forehead.

The origins of jade rolling stretch all the way back to the 17th Century where it was once used as a part of ancient Chinese beauty routines. Referred to as the “Stone of Heaven” jade symbolises wealth, prosperity and long life, and as such this medicinal beauty practice was reserved for only the elite of society.

But what exactly does a jade roller do? Aside from feeling sensational, jade rollers act as a lymphatic massager to help tone the skin on your face, reduce puffiness, clear fluid, boost circulation, and promote cell turnover to overall give you a healthier, brighter look. Often we find we have stagnant circulation in our face, from looking at a computer screen, or clenching our jaw stuck in peak hour traffic. Jade rollers help to stimulate the skin, and balance this out. The coolness of the jade stone can reduce swelling and the slow ritual of the whole experience can be a wonderful stress-reducer.

To use a jade roller, it’s best to use it on clean skin– this way you’re not working dirt, make-up and sweat deeper into your pores. Starting at the neck, roll outwards and upwards along the lines of the face before finishing around the hairline. The idea is to push stagnant fluid to your lymph nodes, which can process it and filter out toxins.

Jade rollers may also be used as a practical tool to spread a face-mask or help a serum further penetrate the skin. For a real zing of freshness keep your jade roller in the fridge or freezer – perfect for the hot summer days ahead!

If you have a moment to spend a touch longer on your skin and find pause in your beauty routine, then this one is for you. While the benefits to your skin are an absolute positive, our favourite thing about incorporating jade rolling into a skincare practice is taking time to seek a tender and kind moment with yourself.

Words by Laura Morley

Mikki Auld