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There is so much more to Mikki Auld Hairdressing than the passion we have for our craft. We are a representation of the places we’ve been, the people we’ve met along the way and the inspirations that have shaped and essentially created us. Our journal is a curation of all these things and more. This is a place that houses a collection of our favourite things; sustainable design, wellbeing, film and art. Here you will find interviews with local and like-minded creatives, beauty and trend forecasters as well as self-love edits and the occasional how to guide. If you think we have a little more than a bit in common and would like to feature on our journal please get in touch, we would love to chat.


Girl Violence // International Women's Week Series I

Our fifth International Women’s Week Series I interview is with our very own go-to, Girl Violence. Here she shares her admiration for Rupi Kaur, her favourite things about being a woman and the daily rituals that help to keep her grounded outside of the consuming world of social media.

Who is your biggest women-identifying icon/inspiration and why?

There's too many to choose form but I really admire the writer and feminist poet Rupi Kaur. She wields her pen as a weapon and the sentiments she manages to express with a few words paint such a vivid picture to empower women. She’s an old soul in the body of a 24 year old, and she has managed to highlight the importance of self-love for millions of ladies. Rupi has also had an enormous role in helping to lift the stigma surrounding mental health and encourages us to look out for each other with those struggles.

What is your favourite part about being a woman?

That as a woman I can be simultaneously strong and soft. Through all of the pain and suffering we may experience as women, we could choose to become hardened and bitter, but instead we choose to stay gentle and nurturing in nature. In the words of Rupi – “the world gives you so much pain, and here you are, making gold out of it”. That and the ability to instantly make friends in any bathroom line.


as a woman I can be simultaneously strong and soft

What does international women’s day mean to you?

A day to recognize how resilient and striking the women around us really are. It’s a celebration of sisterhood, of mothers and lovers – artists and teachers. It’s a time to rejoice in our society’s achievements and our progress over the last few decades, but also to acknowledge there’s room left for more positive change and growth.

Beyond the curated world of social media, do you have any rituals that help you to remain authentic and true to yourself?

A cold shower every morning to kick-start the day and embrace those endorphins. Riding my bike at sundown and staring up at the filtered light dripping through the canopy of trees like honey. And a dip in the ocean fixes almost everything (and cleanses me of my weekend sins)

How do you empower yourself and the women around you?

I always aim to support every special lady that I am so lucky to have in my life as much as I can through thick and thin. During the tough times I’ll be that shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold or sharing a smile, a boogie and a deep-belly laugh when things are golden. 

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