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Perpetual Sway X Mikki Auld Hair

‘Sustainability’ is no longer just a buzzword. It is very real and its momentum is not slowing. Major governments, global corporations and social enterprises are no longer just talking sustainability, they are acting on it. In our world of instant connectivity and information sharing, there is an unprecedented level of understanding of the role we play in ensuring the longevity of our planet.

But it isn’t just the government or big business that are driving this change, it is the grass roots communities, brands and small businesses who together will enact some of the most important shifts toward a more sustainable future. One such business who manages to seamlessly integrate sustainability, minimalism and luxury; is Brisbane (Australia) based Mikki Auld Hairdressing.

Awarded Style Magazine’s Best Brisbane Salon 2017 & 2018, Mikki and her team are seriously the best in the business when it comes to hair.  But what really sets Mikki apart, is the way in which she has thoughtfully and purposefully created a salon that is a hub of sustainability and good energy. Fuelled by a sustainable practice and holistic living ethos, Mikki’s salon offers the most premium level of service within a beautifully minimalist, yet homely and relaxed environment. 

 Mikki’s salon was constructed integrating a variety of recycled and repurposed materials – but this was certainly not at the expense of quality or craftsmanship. With its amazing timber floors and minimalistic styling, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d just walked into a luxury hinterland bed and breakfast retreat.

Mikki complements the ethos of her salon perfectly with the brands and products that she uses. ‘SALT by Hendrix’ is an organic, plant based range that has been created to provide an uplifting experience inside and out. And ‘Mr. Smith’ is as stylish as it is simple, a luxury driven by a belief in minimalism and substance.

Waste management may not be something that immediately springs to mind when thinking about a salon, but it was for Mikki. She has partnered with Sustainable Salons, an organization that facilitates and rewards salons for recycling their waste.  And have you ever thought of what a salon does with all of its hair clippings? Well you can feel better knowing that at Mikki Auld Hairdressing your clippings will go toward making “Hair Booms,” which are used to soak up oil spills in our oceans! In fact, one Hair Boom has the ability to absorb 3 litres of oil in roughly a minute, and each boom itself can be reused up to five times. The oil that is collected is then extracted and reused! Alternatively, if you’re opting for more than just a style and trim, your entire ponytail can be sent to New Zealand and repurposed into wigs for the Variety Children's Foundation.

Broken equipment and used foils are recycled and any money made from these materials is donated to food recovery organisation, Oz Harvest, providing thousands of meals to the needy every month. Chemical waste such as toners and colours used on your hair are collected too, and used for manufacturing rather than going into wastewater drains and contaminating oceans and waterways. 

If all of this isn’t enough for you to leave Mikki’s salon feeling good; she also features a dedicated yoga, meditation, and wellness space. Mikki has created a truly holistic experience in a place that is so much more than just another pretty salon. Its style lies in its simplicity, but its substance is found in its quality of service and commitment to sustainability.

Mikki Auld Hairdressing is proof that with the right motivation, any type of business can beautifully integrate sustainability with luxury.

Words and Photography - Perpetual Sway

Mikki Auld