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There is so much more to Mikki Auld Hairdressing than the passion we have for our craft. We are a representation of the places we’ve been, the people we’ve met along the way and the inspirations that have shaped and essentially created us. Our journal is a curation of all these things and more. This is a place that houses a collection of our favourite things; sustainable design, wellbeing, film and art. Here you will find interviews with local and like-minded creatives, beauty and trend forecasters as well as self-love edits and the occasional how to guide. If you think we have a little more than a bit in common and would like to feature on our journal please get in touch, we would love to chat.


Meet Dream Woman: Poppy Lane

The Pop & Scott Story

Who or what inspired you to create Pop & Scott?

I have always been passionate about having a nice home and looking into other peoples homes and seeing they way they live. When Scotty and I moved in together, I had ideas of furniture pieces I wanted for our space so we started making things in our shed. At this stage it was just for us, then Scotty found a room full of wood working machines on a job and bought them. This is what sparked the whole project, it was an organic progression to where we are today.

As creatives, we tend to experience criticism towards our work in some way. Have you experienced criticism towards Pop & Scott and if so how did you deal with that?

Criticism is a important part of a creative business especially when we are in the design process. When it comes to bettering our service and our product quality its really important that we listen and act on it appropriately.  As a team we are open to change and growth, to provide honest service and a high quality ethical product. When it comes to criticism of our design aesthetic, this does not effect us everyone has their own style and eye for design. We are creating things that are true to our aesthetics and we believe in it.

Where do you draw inspiration from when you are designing for Pop & Scott?

I really look to the way we and other people like to live. I like to keep things simple, environmental and timeless. 

Being based in Byron surrounded by nature must feel like a daily reminder as to how important it is to look after our earth. Can you share how Pop & Scott embraces and encourages mindful consumerism and sustainability?

All our furniture, lighting and homewares are made in our Melbourne workshop. We only use sustainable Australian timbers, organic and green fabrics and finish with natural hard wax oils. Our pots are the only imported item, we work with an ethical business and they are hand painted in our studio with non toxic paints that are made here in Australia. We are constantly working towards becoming a waste free business and working on ways to better our practice. It looks like we are a huge business to some people, I think because of our instagram following, but this is a load of crap ha ha ha we are still so small and don't plan to take over the world with our work. We want to continue to make sustainable and honest products for people who believe in us.

“Its important to stay true to your core beliefs and respect other like minded businesses and creatives”

Your show spaces in Byron Bay and Melbourne have set new standards for creative visionaries across the furniture landscape. Can we expect to see any more show spaces popping up around Australia anytime soon?

Ha ha ha thank you! that is a big compliment. We are planning to open a bigger space in Melbourne but have no plans to open up any where else in Australia. Id love to working on a different space like a hotel.

Can you share some advice or tips to anyone who would love to start a business in the sustainable and creative space?

Be prepared to have very low profit margins and to work hard. Its important to stay true to your core beliefs and respect other like minded businesses and creatives.

Get to know Poppy Lane

My next holiday destination is

We are having a hard time deciding. I think we are going to Croatia and Italy July next year. We are also planning a big holiday for in a couple of years, we want to get an old bus and drive around Australia.

I am currently reading

Guide to Child Birth - Ina May Gaskin and The Dance of Anger - Harriet Lerner

My star sign, moon sign and rising sign are

Star Sagittarius - Moon Leo - Rising Pisces

I feel my best when

I am bush walking

Not many people know this, but I

have an intense fear of death it gets so bad sometimes, its debilitating

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