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Free Hold - Kevin Murphy

Free Hold - Kevin Murphy


Feel FREE to create as much HOLD as you like with FREE.HOLD our flexible-hold styling paste. FREE.HOLD imparts natural shine and delivers flexible hold with a boost of antioxidant and essential oil goodness, it also helps leave the hair feeling nourished and conditioned.


Provides flexible, medium hold

  • Adds natural-looking shine

  • Creates a thickening effect within the hair

  • Lubricates the hair and scalp

  • Delivers a glossy finish

  • Ideal for all hair types

  • Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free


A known lubricant for the hair and scalp, Lanolin Wax imparts a soft, all-over smoothness to the hair.

Carnuba Wax is known to help create the appearance of thickness, and also provides a glossy finish to the hair.

Rich in antioxidants, Amino Acids and vitamins, Yerba Mate helps create the appearance of thickness and adds shine.

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