Mikki Auld Hairdressing



we’re part of the solution

We’re proud to collaborate with Sustainable Salon Org and repurpose 95% of studio waste as well as work with like-minded brands that put the environment first. Our contribution to nurturing our mother earth has also extended to directly assist local charities and social change organisations such as OzHarvest.


A full head of foils FeedS the hungry

Used aluminium foil, colour tubes, cardboard, paper, magazines and broken tools are sold for recycling purposes and all profits are donated to OzHarvest who provide meals for hungry Australians.



Hair Cuts that Clean Oceans

Ever wonder what happens to your hair once it has been cut at M.A.H? Trim or short cuttings are used for ‘Hair Booms’ that assist in cleaning up oil spills in the Great Barrier Reef and pony-tails are donated and repurposed into charitable wigs for those fighting medically induced hair loss conditions.


We say no to single use plastic

We keep plastic to a minimum and any product bottles or plastic packaging that does happen to enter our studio is sent to recyclers such as Plastic Forests to be cleaned and repurposed into outdoor furniture or made into underground sheeting to protect the NBN. AND if you return your used M.AH retail products to us to repurpose, we will give you a discount to use on your next bottle of shampoo etc.